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LAMOLA STUDIO is a creative studio founded by an artist and a producer with more than 25 years of experience working on the sector. They have joined in this venture to combine Talent, Work and Effort, with a common goal: association, research and development of own and others’ projects, taking advantage of their own experience and connections gained in all these years. Making LAMOLA STUDIO a successful production model based on their numerous previous successes. Having worked in different areas of the business, such as videoclips, commercials, film, TV, etc. LAMOLA STUDIO has different professionals brining their expertise in all types of productions, looking to always optimize the production processes, development and financing, focusing specially on creativity, and keeping their commitment with the social issues, nature and ethics (both professional and artistic). LAMOLA STUDIO is a production company that focuses on the combination of experience and learning. In the mix of formats, for the comprehension and the adaptation to the trans media universe of the projects. LAMOLA STUDIO is a way of expression. It’s a way of approaching projects. It’s getting the best out of every detail, of every piece of a puzzle. It’s thinking about the present, learning from the past and squeezing the best of the future. LAMOLA STUDIO is a breath of fresh air in the audiovisual sector.

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